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Vancouver, BC review from 1971
The Vancouver Sun

Stallion Thumrock band

by Brian Mcleod
Vancouver Sun - 1971

Every once in a while you go to a dance that nobody else goes to, featuring a band that hardly anybody else has heard of. And usually, an occasion of this type is an exercise in total boredom. But if you've been good all week, and the good fairy decides to give you a weekend surprise, you might happen to stumble into such an obscure gathering and find that, lo and behold, the featured group, despite their relative anonymity, are better than many another famous group currently appearing in large money concerts throughout the land. Stallion Thumrock is such a group.

Their dance appearance, at the Pender Auditorium Saturday night drew all of seventy-five people. But I would be willing to bet that they were seventy-five of the happiest people in Vancouver on that particular evening.

Why? Because of the music. After all, Its pretty hard to dig an unknown group for anything other than their music because they haven't got an "image" or a "sound" or any of the other show biz type garbage. All they have is what they can put down in sound on the spot, in the way of talent and stage presence. In other words, what counts is if they can make you feel good. Stallion Thumrock can.

They are a very tight band of guitars and drums. They write imaginatively. They sing well as individuals and together. They can even spell harmony correctly. And most important they are totally natural.

They are the audience plus music. And that's exactly as it should be if you're a band who purports to play for the people. Maybe if I'm good for another week, I'll get to see them again.

The original 4 - Stallion Thumrock 1971 at the Pender Auditorium

- Garry Bell, Dick Whetstone, Basil Watson, Brett Wade -
Stallion Thumrock Photographed at
Pender Auditorium 1971

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