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The Stallion Thumrock in Vancouver, BC

L to R, Dick Whetstone, Brett Wade, Basil Watson, Garry Bell, Joel Wade
Stallion Thumrock album 1972 British Columbia Canada
1972 Album - Front Cover
Heida Records Canada
Click for large view: Original 1971 poster by Chris Blades
Original 1971 Stallion Thumrock poster by Chris Blades
Stallion Thumrock album '72
1972 Album - Back Cover
Distributed by A&M Canada
A brief history of
Stallion Thumrock
British Columbia, Canada 1971-1973

Canadian FlagThe Stallion Thumrock band was officially launched in March 1970. Brett, Garry and Basil rented a cabin on the bank of Cultus Lake (sixty miles east of Vancouver, British Columbia) in the region of the Fraser Valley near Chilliwack. It was there the nucleus of the group was formed. They wrote music and jammed at all hours of the day or night in front of the massive stone fireplace in the cabin's living room, which also provided a serene, picturesque and unobstructed view of the lake...more
Stallion Thumrock - Home Page How I remember it - Basil Watson
Band Biography 1971-73 & Posters

In Retrospect - Dick Whetstone

The 1972 Album - Haida Records / A&M The Wade Bros
Vancouver Sun Review 1971 Joel Wade Update 05' New Album

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Intro to Goin' Back To The Mountains - Stallion Thumrock

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