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Actividad profesional

Mr Pedro - Pedro Wyant - Guitarrista, Arreglista, productor, director musical, compositor
Pedro Wyant - 2008



Director musical

Compositor (miembro de la ASCAP desde 1968)

Experiencia laboral

Lonnie Brooks, Debbie Davies, Pedro Wyant
Pete Wyant - Light Jazz En Coyoacan

Estudios de Hollywood, California (1968-1997)

Grabaciones en las que participo
Tres Billboard Top 100 albums
Beach Boys
Lou Rawls
Electric Prunes
Dr John
Joe Sample (Crusaders)
Dave Axelrod (Lou Rawls, Cannonball Adderley)
John Carther (The Motels)
New Heavenly Blue (RCA con los hijos de Dave Burbeck)
Howard Roberts
Carol Kaye
Earl Palmer
Tommy Tedesco
Sue Raney

Trabajo de producción
Comercial para televisión | compañía IBM
Discos de Thunder Bay (Heavy Metal)
Sonny Montgomery (Blues)

Productores con los que ha colaborado
Dave Axelrod (Lou Rawis, Rawls Cannonball, Adderly)
Charley Green (Sonny and Cher)
John Carter (The Motels)

Hardwater  - Capitol Records
Hardwater - Capitol Records

Ultimate Guitar Blues Play-Along (Book and CD) By Keith Wyatt, Pedro Wyant, Robben Ford, Scott Henderson, Steve Trovato, Willie Scoggens. Instructional book and examples/accompaniment CD for guitar. 76 pages. Published by Alfred Publishing.
David Axelrod's Song of Innocence - Capitol Records
David Axelrod - Song of Innocence
-Capitol Records
Lou Rawls - The way it was - The way it is on Capitol Records

Pete Wyant - Mr Pedro

Commerciales para television
Mattel Toys
Producciones varias para televisioón por cable

Cine (sideline)
Play Misty for Me
Last Man Standing
Summer of '74
Todo por Honor

Trabajo de composición
Title Song Last American Hoboes (American Internacional Pictures)
Honorable Menton -1st Annual American Song Writers Festival
Honorable Mention - Dr Mimento's Song Writers Contest

Material educativos desarrollado
Ultimate Guitar Play-Alone, Volumen 1, con Scott Henerson, Robben Ford (Warner Bros.), Steve Trovato y Keith Wyatt
Autor Finterstyle Blues (Hal Leonard)

Proyectos solistas
Mr. Pedro Canta para ti | Sings for you (Muúsica infantil bilingüe)
Pedro Blue
Mr. Pedro Taco Tone (Música infantil bilingüe)
Blind Boy Archie Mc Pato (acoustic blues)
Light jazz en Coyoacán (Jazz)


Hardwater - Capitol Records

Song of Innocence
The Way It Is, The Way It Was Lou Rawls
Kyre Elison Electric Prunes
The Edge - Dave Axelrod



"Pedro's Blues"

Written by Greg Degler

by Pedro Wyant

& Sax
by Greg Degler

Deggy G. Ind. (BMI)

1996 Soundtrack fromLast Man Standing - soundtrack
Pedro's comment, "I actually had a role [in the movie], though non-speaking. Greg Degler, the saxofonista and I were posing as street musicians... the scene had me and the sax player running to escape from the good cops, who were shooting at us...the images would be cool for the site."
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