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Damprock.com Presents

Pedro's Photo Gallery

Pedro and the China Men
Pedro and the China Men
Los Angles, CA

Pedro with the Titians - '62-'63
Pedros in the middle
Rocket 88's

Rocket 88's

Mr Pedro Live in Mexico City
Mayfield Spinning Wheel 1966-67
Spinnin' Wheel - 1966
(L-R) Richard Whetstone, Pete Wyant, Stan Smith,
Rob McLerran, Bob Marcum

Hardwater - 1968
Hardwater - Capitol Records
1968 / Reissued 2011
Produced by David Axelrod


Weber, Wyant, Whetstone
Uptown Tonight
Bob Weber (SugarLoaf), Pete Wyant (Hardwater),
Richard Whetstone (Electric Prunes)

HardWater - Medley: My Time/ Take A Long Look

Hardwater album orginally released in '68, reissued CD in 2011


Pedro Blue - 1969 DVD Found in 2009 - Pedro Blue at the time of the 1st incarnation's video/DVD, included Larry Williams on guitar, Fred Dinkins on drums - primarily a gospel drummer, but has played with a lot of folks and currently plays with the Emotions. The bassist is Lester McFarland who won some fame as the bassist in Jeff Lorber's Fusion. He was tremendous...

Who were the musicians in Pedro and the China Men? (email your answer to Pedro)

Ron McRory (drummer from Pedro's past) lives now in Tulsa; sent along
these names of people you also remember?

Kimbo Smith
Keith Moret
Greg Sutton
Tony Gilkason
Frank Rekard
John Herron
Washington Peer Pub
Monday nights
Venice, CA
Steve Trovato
Pedro adds another name

...email your comments directly to Pedro

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